Why is my business listed on this site?
You are listed on My Care My Choice because you a registered and approved provider of aged care, disability or mental health services operating in WA.
I can’t find my business on your site
If you can’t find your business on our site, please contact us immediately and we will add you to the site so your potential customers can find you quickly and easily.
Can I remove my business from the site?
My Care My Choice operates like a web forum and users write about whichever provider they have had experiences with. If your business has received negative reviews, the best response is to address the feedback – it often provides the opportunity to demonstrate how committed you are to customer service and continuous improvement.
Are reviews moderated?
Reviews are moderated by My Care My Choice and can take up to 48 hours to show up on the website. If you are a paid member, My Care My Choice will no longer moderate your reviews. Rather it is up to the service provider to view and respond to these in a timely manner.
Can I delete reviews?
No. My Care My Choice is committed to transparent and honest communication between providers and their customers. Unless there are exceptional circumstances, the review will not be deleted.
What if someone writes an abusive review?
My Care My Choice aims to empower consumers to have a voice and tell their story. However, we are aware sometimes this forum may not be the most appropriate one, depending on the story. To protect users of the site, no abusive language is allowed to be included in reviews. In addition to this, we have set up alerts so any reviews which refer to instances of abuse, neglect, inappropriate or illegal conduct by the staff and/or provider will not go live. Rather, My Care My Choice will work closely with the consumer and the service provider to resolve the issues appropriately, respecting the privacy and confidentiality of the people involved.
What if someone writes a negative review?
All reviewers agree to Terms and Conditions of the site, which includes an indemnity clause against defamatory comments. My Care My Choice takes no responsibility for negative or defamatory comments made by reviewers, however will support the providers to resolve issues with as much transparency as possible.
How is a person’s privacy protected?
Reviewers create a username in their profile. The review is displayed under the person’s username, not their full name. This way their identity can be protected as much as they wish it to be. We collect phone numbers and email addresses so reviewers can be contacted by My Care My Choice if necessary.
Can I update the information about my business?
If you are a paid member of My Care My Choice, you can make selected changes as part of the annual membership fee.

If you not a paid member of My Care My Choice, simply contact us and we will be happy to update information on your behalf.

How long is membership for?
Membership with My Care My Choice is valid for 12 months from date of payment.