The community services sector is currently facing its most disruptive period in Government reform. Following the lead from the NHS in the UK, the Australian Government is currently implementing reforms which harness an individual’s choice and control. To align with this new way of working and thinking, funding models have also changed. In most cases, the Government has removed the traditional ‘bucket of money’ given to the provider, and replaced it with individualised budgets. This paradigm shift in the way services are funded has changed the person using the service from a ‘client’ to a ‘consumer’, available to purchase aged care, disability or mental health services similar to how they would with other services.

Individualised models not only improve outcomes for people’s quality of life, but put them in the driver’s seat when it comes to accessing care. Now all they need is a map!

Frustrated by the confusing and onerous system for people to navigate in a time when they require the most help, My Care My Choice was created. My Care My Choice is a peer-based ratings and review site for aged care, disability and mental health services in WA. It helps people understand the system they are trying to navigate, by providing general information about services as well as a directory of services in their local area. It is a one-stop-shop for people to find information and resources they need, in a format which is easy to use and understand.

Our mission at My Care My Choice is to provide consumers and families with accessible, non-biased information on the services they will be accessing. We want to open the dialogue between providers and their customers for honest and open feedback. We aim to supply people with high quality information about disability, mental health and aged care services which help families make informed decisions in the search for care quickly and easily. Clients and families can post reviews and ratings about services, giving organisations the opportunity to respond in real time, in a meaningful way.

Are you currently receiving services and want to share your story? Then please leave a review for your provider. Your experience may help someone make one of the most important decisions of their life.