Perception is reality

Believe it or not, a recent rise of technology means that people no longer look at the star rating of a hotel or facility! Rather they look into the reviews of the hotel or facility to ensure they are getting the best and their money’s worth.

According to the Aged care guide – the hotel industry has been utilising online ratings, reviews and feedback with great success. Customer reviews are helpful for people in the hospitality industry because they guide improvements and additions. This means that organisations can cater to the needs of all visiting parties.

The need for in-depth customer insights is especially relevant when it comes to quality. As stated in ‘What Ratings mean for Aged Care’ perceptions of quality are variable and subjective, and are informed by a range of experiences and data points beyond. By providing an insight to what one has experienced at a particular facility, the company or others may use this information to decide whether or not they will be visiting the facility and will also give the managers a change to make improvements to their establishment.

Recent research indicates that 41% of Australians have a negative view of aged care. That view is informed mainly by the media and bad publicity. As the saying goes, perception is reality. People who are only just experiencing aged care, often arrive with negative perceptions and usually at a point of personal crisis. With increasing media and advocate scrutiny, followed by reporting of some distressing provider failures. That scrutiny and resultant reporting is unlikely to disappear, particularly as assessment becomes more public.

Due to these factors it has become increasingly important to provide online reviews and recommendations especially if the services provided have been of a good standard because it was found that in 2017, 97% of consumers read an online review before making a buying decision, and 85% of them trust it as much as a recommendation made by a friend or family.

Such behaviours are translated especially when it comes to selecting aged care providers where quality of service is an essential part of the decision making process.